Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd, 2010

Damn brotha...I had to get back late again today. Shit. I'm starting to feel stressed with the workload. It's been three weeks since I did the INO consolidation assignment, and I'm far from getting it done yet. Owh, probably I didn't mention this before, I had to do the damn thing again. Everyone had to do their packs again. Just because of some shithead SGM who though we had nothing to do at the office. Shit. He's argument, the previous data which we used to create our cases weren't complete since it didn't considered the PSC extentions. So, they gave a new set of data. Unfortunately, the new data are worst, and they still wanted us to proceed with it. And you wanna know something else? He even told everyone that the descrepencies within the data were our department's fault. Seriously? You wanna bullshit like that? What are you? Twelve? I bet my twelve year old brother would make a better SGM than you would.


Sorry, I lost my composure just then. Haha. Anyways, I guess I don't really have to say what I did today eh? Well, just a bit more then. I got a new assignment as well. Haha. Eventhough we haven't even finished our current assignment, we're given one more. Haha.

For those who don't know, our work, the INO consolidations are the work of Senior Economist. These people are those who have had quite an experience doing economic evaluation for projects that they are given the task to do the projects for a whole region or country. Most of the other staff are doing single projects. So, yeah...we are a part of those people. Haha. Well, at least I am. Kaber was mostly the supporter while doing the pack. He only did slides 5 and 6 for the pack while I did the rest which all came to 69 slides. Haha. I even had to comment on why such and such act as such and such.

Anyways, I'm not really complaining though. At least I'd get to prove that I did stuff that weren't supposed to be done by interns, and as such, eventhough other may not know it, but at least I know that I am a being higher than those others whom are also undergoing their internship. Muahahahaha!! (yea..I am a proud motherfucker)

Well, that's all for today folks. Thanks for watching.

-End of Entry-